EAT & Drink

There are few things as relaxing to parents as when kids happily eat and enjoy their food. These are a few things that make it easier to both cook, eat and drink!

245 kr

Yawama Kids 
Hand painted children's apron from Zambia. Promotes fair trade practices, generates local employment in Zambia and develops creative skills, both in Zambia and Sweden! Pattern: Zebra. Available in two sizes: S (2-4 years) and M (5-10 years).

139 kr

New illustrated children's book in Swedish about ending breastfeeding, suits 1-4 years of age. Hard covers, 32 pages.

290 kr

Subo | 
Let your child eat by itself! Clever food bottle that you fill yourself with pureed fruits and vegetables, yoghurt, and smoothies. The platform inside moves up as the baby easily sips food from the spout. Non-squeeze bottle = No mess! Available in three colours: blue, pink and green.