About us

Nakenfisen is a Swedish web shop that sells baby and kids’ products from different brands with a strong focus on our environment and safety.

Stora Lund
Huset på vår gård Stora Lund


We started Nakenfisen in 2017 as we discovered a few really good products for babies, kids and parents in Australia that we think should be available also on the Swedish market. Our selection of products quickly grew and now we stock products from more countries, including Sweden. According to us, a good product has great quality, is safe to use, is ethically produced by people with a decent salary, and has low environmental impact.


At Nakenfisen we strive for stocking as sustainable products as possible, for the end user, our environment, and those who produced the product. We love products that in themselves lower the environmental impact, such as our refill food bottle Subo, or our cloth nappies. We always aim to stock the organic alternative where we can find one, and we always avoid toxics. You can be sure that all products that we stock that are directed towards babies, such as biting toys or softies, are completely toxic free.

We aim for sustainability in all aspects, e.g. we avoid plastic bubble wrap, and instead use wrinkled paper, we use paper tape, etc. As we want to stock fun and unique products, some of our produce are shipped a long distance, but that is difficult to get around.


We welcome all customers and we don’t sort our products according to gender ideas. Our name “nakenfisen” literally means “the naked fart” in Swedish, which sounds crazy, but it’s just a loving way to refer to a cheeky child running around naked! Our point of view is that anyone can be a “nakenfis”!